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Updated 15 September 2019


Year MCCU County Champion MCCU teams in national Minor Counties stages
2019 open and minor combined


2018 open and minor combined Lincolnshire
2017 open and minor combined Leicestershire
2016 Open and Minor combined Leicestershire
From 2015 the MCCU Open and Minor sections were combined with teams choosing whether to ask for nomination to the national Open or Minor competitions.
Year MCCU Minor County Champion Other MCCU teams in national stages
2015 Lincolnshire Worcestershire
2014 Nottinghamshire Leicestershire
2013 Lincolnshire Derbyshire
2012 Leicestershire Lincolnshire
2011 Lincolnshire Leicestershire
2010 Lincolnshire Leicestershire
2009 Leicestershire Derbyshire
2008 Shropshire Leicestershire
2007 Staffordshire Derbyshire
2006 Leicestershire Derbyshire
2005 Derbyshire Lincolnshire
2004 Derbyshire Lincolnshire
MCCU Counties nominated for Minor Counties National Stages
before MCCU Minor County Team Championship Inaugurated
2003 Staffordshire and Derbyshire
2002 Derbyshire and Lincolnshire
2001 Worcestershire and Derbyshire
2000 Worcestershire and Lincolnshire
1999 Worcestershire and Derbyshire
1998 Lincolnshire and Worcestershire
1997 Lincolnshire and Derbyshire
1996 Lincolnshire and Shropshire
1995 Shropshire and Derbyshire
1994 Lincolnshire and Derbyshire
1993 Shropshire and Worcestershire
1990 ?Huntingdonshire
1989 ?Lincolnshire & South Humberside
1982 Leicestershire


Data collated by Neal Beasley, Sean Hewitt, and Ray Collett