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Published 10 November 2010



This page describes the new layout adopted in November 2010. It was tested using Internet Explorer 8 and the webmaster would like to hear about experiences of visitors using other browsers such as earlier versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Navigation Menus and Links in this Website

The intention in reformatting the site is to refine what was started by earlier MCCU webmasters: to provide the most important links on the top menu and local navigation on the left. The size of the banner on the screen has been reduced to allow more space for the content. It will take some time to convert the older pages, particularly the numerous pages in the 'County match' section, to the new format so in the meantime the legacy pages remain. The 'County Matches' section currently has old menus on top and right. It is likely through webmaster errors that some links have been broken and the webmaster will much appreciate notification of broken links stating the URL of the page and the broken link concerned.

Top Menu

This will remain constant in each page except for pdf documents (congress entry forms, county match results, some administrative papers). The ten buttons lead to separate sections of the website, each with its own navigation in the left hand manu bar, which is different for each section of the site. When you place your cursor above a button (hover) in the top menu bar, a dark splash will appear so long as you have allowed your browser to use Javascript in this website, for example: Home button when hovered over. If you do not permit use of Javascript on this site, the navigation should still work, but the 'rollover' images won't. You can see which section of the website you are in from the yellow splash to the left of the button, for example: Top menu button when you are viewing a page in this section of the website.. Except for the 'County Matches' which will be reformatted shortly, sections have their own home pages, or like 'Links' and 'Congresses' are stand-alone pages.

Left Hand Side Menu

These are different for each section of the website. Placing your cursor above a menu button should produce a dark splash to the left of the menu button, for example: Left menu button with dark splash when hovered over.. Again your browser must be able to use javascript to display these 'rollover' images. If Javascript is not enabled for this site, the links should still work. The page you are at will be indicated by a yellow spash and yellow underline, for example: Left menu button when page  viewed..

Links Within Page Content

Links between different sections of the website may be placed within the contents of a page. Such textual links are in green and bold for unvisited sites, for example: Home. After you have visited them and they have been stored in your browser's cache, their colour will be dark grey, for example: Home. In both situations while the cursor is over them (hovering) they will receive an underline and visited links will return to green, for example: Home. Some textual links will point to pages in a different section of the website and when you arrive there, that should be apparent from the top menu bar which should indicate which section you are in.


Pages Within 'Site Guide' Section of Website

Site News

This page reports changes to navigation within the site.

Site Contents

This page provides links to all areas of the website and can serve as an alternative navigation method within the site if the webmaster's logic is not to your taste.