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Updated 16 March 2014

Nottinghamshire win MCCU County Team Championship
First championship for at least a quarter of a century

15 Mar. Notts beat Leicestershire in a one point victory at Selston. Notts definitely last won the championship in 1931 and MCCU records are unclear whether Notts won in 1975.
19 Jan. Notts and Warks share u100 title and are eligible for nomination for the national stages.
11 Jan. Notts win the u140 champtionship.
14 Sep. Warks, being the only Midlands entry for the u180 are declared champions and are eligible for nomination for the national stages.
1 Sep. After long consultations with teams, it was agreed that the Minor Counties Championship would be zoned. Staffordshire being the only Open entrant will be nominated for the place in the national stages. Staffordshire will compete with the minor county teams for the Midlands team title.
17 Aug. Worcestershire's participation in the u140 competition is in doubt because no one has offered to captain the team and the webmaster has heard a rumour that Warks wish to play in the Minor counties rather than the Open.
10 Jul, CEO Ray Dolan reports. Peter Sherlock (Lincs) new County Team Controller. Peter has accepted an invitation to fill the County Team controller in addition to his role as union grading officer.
22 June. At the MCCU AGM after several years in the hot seat, Julie Johnson stepped down from her dual roles of County Team Controller and CEO. I am sure county captains and players will wish to join the editor in thanking her for her firm and fair controlling of the union's county team competitions.