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Constitution Admin Papers English Chess Forum

Last addition 24 June 2022


2022 reports for June 2022 AGM

Agenda for AGM on 25 June 2022 at Derby

2020 County Controller’s report

2022 County Controller’s report

2022 Grading Director’s report

2022 Public Relations Director and Web editor’s report


2021 Report of ECF Council Meeting in April for MCCU by John Reyes (MCCU representative)

2017 Annual General Meeting

Unconfirmed minutes of 2017 AGM

Agenda for AGM on Sat 17 June 2017 at Derby

2017 Junior Director's Report

2017 Public Relations Director and webmaster's report

2017 Grading Director's report

2017 County Championship Controller's report

2017 ECF delegate's report

2017 MCCU congress report

2017 Finance Director's report

2017 Congress report

2016 Annual General Meeting

Minutes of 2016 AGM

2015 Annual General Meeting

Unconfirmed minutes of 2014 AGM


President, CEO and Chairman's reports

ECF delegate's report

Grading Director's report

County Controller's report

Public Relations Director and webmaster's report

Discussion paper on the future of county chess


2014 Annual General Meeting

Unconfirmed minutes of the 2014 AGM


Minutes of the 2013 AGM

ECF delegate's report

Secretary's report

Director for Junior Chess report

Grading Director's report

County Team Controller's report

Public Relations Director's and webmaster's report


2013 Annual General Meeting

President's report

Chief Executive Officer's report

Secretary's report

County Team Controller's report

Junior Director's report

Public Relations Director's and webmaster's report

Events Director's report

Grading Director's report

ECF delegate's report


MCCU representative's report of October 2012 ECF Annual General Meeting at Birmingham

2012 Annual General Meeting

Unconfirmed minutes for 2012 AGM

Meeting Chairman's Report
Chief Executive Officer's Report

Grading Director's Report
Events Director's Report
Publicity Director's Report (includes webmaster's report)
County Team Controller's Report
Proposed Team Captain Guidelines
ECF Membership Scheme
ECF delegate's Report

Proposed E-mail Correspondence Rules
Constitutional Amendment

2011 Annual General Meeting

Confirmed minutes for 2011 AGM

Unconfirmed minutes for 2010 AGM
Proposed guide to role of team captain in county matches
Proposed amendment to the constitution
Chief Executive Officer's Report
Report on the MCCU Levy
County Team Controller's Report
Publicity Director's Report
Junior Director's Report

Grading Director's Report
ECF June letter on funding

MCCU Competition Rules

These pages are in the sections of the website relevant for each competition.
County Team Matches
Grand Prix
U-150 Rapidplay Grand Prix
Correspondence Chess

Discussion Papers

Funding English Chess (Andrew Farthing)

Proposals since for 2011 AGM

Ideas for enhancing Midlands junior chess (Cyril Johnson and David Levens)

2010 Annual General Meeting

Summary of AGM with a brief financial summary
Unconfirmed Minutes to be considered at 2011 AGM

Chief Executive's Report
CEO's Summary of Financial Matters
Grading Director's Report
Public Relations Director's Report
County Matches Controller's Report
Correspondence Chess Report
MCCU Members' ECF Report

Proposals to Alter MCCU County Competition Rules

Previous General Meetings

2009 AGM Minutes
2008 AGM Minutes
2008 AGM Summary Report
2007 AGM Minutes
2006 Nov GM Minutes
2006 AGM Minutes

English Chess Forum

The UK's most widley used chess forum. There is a special topic for MCCU matters on this forum for players who wish to propose or debate changes to rules or constitutional matters within the MCCU. Congress results, items for sale, world chess affairs, and ECF matters feature on this forum.