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2013-4 GP & RGP

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Page published 13 July 2011

Rules 2013-4

In these rules -

  • MCCU refers to the Midland Counties Chess Union.
  • MCCU player refers to any player who is eligible to represent a county affiliated to the MCCU in its county team competitions.
  • BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP refers to the championship section of that event held in same year the MCCU Grand Prix finishes
    To be considered for inclusion in the Grand Prix (GP) a congress must -
    1. be a standard play event.
    2. be run by either -
      1. a county affiliated to the MCCU
      2. a club operating within such a county
      3. a person or persons who meet the definition of an MCCU player
    3. have a section with no upper grading limit.
    4. apply to the Events Director, or officer nominated to run the event, by the deadline published by the MCCU.
    5. agree to provide results to the Events Director or nominated officer within 21 days of the event taking place.
    1. The Grand Prix will run in line with the grading season ending on 31st May each year.
    2. Scores in all events included in the GP will be taken into account.
    3. Player scores over the total number of rounds for the event will be taken into account.
    4. The winner of the GP will be the MCCU player who achieves the highest cumulative score.
    5. If scores for the highest place are tied the title will be shared.
    1. The winner(s) of the GP under rule B4 will be awarded the title of Midland Counties Individual Champion.
    2. The highest placed MCCU player not already qualified to play in the British Championship in the year the GP is completed, will be offered the MCCU closed nomination for that event.
    3. If there is a tie on scores for the British Championship nomination, the players concerned will be approached to establish if any would take up the offer. In the event that more than 1 player indicates they would do so, the ECF will be approached to see if additional place(s) are available. If no additional place(s) can be secured, the nomination will be decided by inviting the players involved to take part in a play off. In addition the ECF will be asked if the loser(s) can be placed on the reserve list for the event.
    4. If the highest placed player does not take up the offer under C2, the nomination will be offered to the next highest placed MCCU player. If there are players that are tied, the provisions at C3 will apply. The process may be repeated moving down the place list until the offer is accepted, or the list exhausted.
    5. The highest placed MCCU player competing in the British Championship may claim a £100 bursary. If there is a tie on scores, each player involved may claim a £100 bursary. Bursaries awards will only be made on production of proof of competing in the event.