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2013-4 GP & RGP

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Page last updated 2 August

GM Mark Hebden is 2011 Midlands Champion


2 July. Ali Jaunooby (Greater Manchester) was the highest placed player in the GP who has not already qualified for the British and who wishes to participate and he accepted the MCCU's nomination to play.

25 June. The Midlands Individual title goes again to GM Mark Hebden. Mike Surtees had the same number of points, but had to play in more events than Mark.

27 Apr. The Bolton Easter Congress was won by Don Mason, but he has participated in one event only and does not feasture on the leader board.

17 April. Apologies for late addition of Nottingham Congress results.

25 Feb. Not having heard from the organisers, the Webmaster has updated the leaderboard using information on ECForum. Resuls from this tournament are subject to scrutiny by the Controller.

23 Oct. After the Atkins Congress at Leicester, GM Mark Hebden goes to the top with an unblemished 5/5 from his weekend's work. Nearly 40 competitors are in the Midlands GP.

8 Sep. The Manchester Autumn congress was won by Adam Ashton of Three Cs club, Oldham, Greater Manchester. He goes into the lead.


Participating Congresses

This year, the Midlands GP comprises five Standard Play Open Events: Manchester Autumn (3-5 Sep); HE Atkins Memorial, Leicester (1-3 Oct), Warwickshire Open (12-13 Feb), Nottingham Open (2-3 Apr) and Bolton Open (22-24 Apr).


Competitors Tournament
Player Club Mancstr Leic Warks Nott Bolton
Adam Ashton Three Cs, Oldham, Gtr Man - - - 4
Andrew Baruch Warks Select - 2 - -
Philip Briggs Tamworth, Staffs - - 3 3 - 6
Mitchell Burke Three Cs, Oldham, Gtr Man 3 - - -
Martin Burrows Wigston, Leics - 4 - -
David Coates Lincoln - - 3 -
Mark Hebden GM Leicestershire - 5 - 5 - 10
Anthony Hynes Warks Select - ½ 3 3 -
Ali Jaunooby Three Cs, Oldham, Gtr Man 3 - - 3
Ryszard Maciol West Bromwich/Aston Univ - 4 - -
Faraz Malik South Birmingham - - 1 1 - 2
Mike Surtees Bolton, Gtr Man 4 - - 3 3 10
Tomasz Syngowski West Bromwich, Staffs - 2 4 - - 6
Players competing
at one event only
Don Mason (Shirley, Warks) 4½.
Hope Mkhumba (Chorlton, Gtr Man) 4; Richard Weaving (Solihull Checkmates, Warks) 4.
Alan Byron (Wigston, Leics) 3½; Brandon Clarke (Leics) 3½; Ivan David (Grantham, Lincs) 3½;
Philip Holt (Olton, Warks) 3½; Joseph McPhillips 3½; Claudio Mangione (Lincoln) 3½; Vikas Sharma (Wellington, Shrops) 3½; Chris Vassiliou (Chorlton, Gtr Man) 3½.
Alex Combie (Newark, Notts) 3; David Hulmes (Stockport, Gtr Man) 3; Steve Jones (Padgate, Gtr Man) 3; James Murphy (Chorlton, Gtr Man) 3; Wiatt Ropp (Stratford-on-Avon) 3; Simon Smith (Warley, Birmingham) 3; Richard Webster (West Bridgford, Notts) 3; Craig Whitfield (Cheddleton & Leek, Staffs) 3.
Golam Ali (Sutton Coldfield, Warks) 2½; Paul Cumber (Grantham Lincs) 2½; John Denton (Melton Mowbray, Leics) 2½; Robin Huq (Mutual Circle, Warks) 2½; David Ivan (Grantham, Lincs) 2½; Ian Kingstone (West Notts) 2½; Gordon Stables (West Notts) 2½; Glen Trueman (Marple, Gtr Man) 2½; Nicholas Walker (West Bromwich, Staffs) 2½.
Steve Burke (Ashfield, Notts) 2; Kevin Dalley (Derbys) 2; Simon Gilmore (Belper, Derbys) 2; Richard McNally (Stratford-on-Avon, Warks) 2; Samuel Milsom (Louth, Lincs) 2; Dennis Owen (Urmston, Gtr Man) 2;
John Robinson (Braunstone, Leics) 2; Marek Soszynski 2; Moin Uddin (West Bromwich, Staffs) 2.
Henry Brockbank (Olton, Warks) 1½; Steve Crockett (Redditch, Worcs) 1½; Rob Hearne (West Bridgford) 1½; Lateefah Messam-Sparks (West Notts) 1½; Eric Williamson (West Notts);
Daniel Broughton (Notts) 1; David Farrell (Shepshed Rooks, Leics) 1; Alfonso Jiminez (Loughbourough, Leics) 1; Peter Kobryn (Great Lever, Gtr Man) 1; Damien McCarthy (Padgate, Gtr Man) 1; Andrew Patterson (Nuneaton, Warks) 1; Richard Smith (Olton, Warks) 1; Nathan Taylor (Bolton, Gtr Man) 1; Yao Yao Zhu (Urmston, Gtr Man) 1.
Daniel Wells (Newark-on-Trent, Notts) ½.


Please note that the table is provisional. The names included are based on the club affiliations provided to organisers or stated on websites. These require validation. Competitors who have played in Midlands GP tournaments and whose names are not included on the leaderboard and who believe they are eligible should contact Cyril Johnson, the Events Controller. See the Grand Prix page for eligibility criteria.