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2012-13 GP & RGP

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Page last updated 25 June 2012

2011-12 Grand Prix won by Tomasz Sygnowski


21, 22 Apr Neil Graham reports. Nottingham Congress was won by Mark Hebden, but Tomaz Sygnowski and Mike Surtees also scores points.

6-8 Apr. Bolton Easter. Joseph McPhillips was 2nd and Mike Surtees 3rd.

3,4 Mar. Warwickshire Open. Richard Weaving, Tomasz Sygnowski, and Ameet Ghasi finished first on 4 points, but none of them lead the GP because the Warwickshire congress was the first event they have entered. The GP leaders are two players who have played in two events: Martin Burrows (Wigston, Leics) who joins Ian Kingston (W Nottingham).

30 Sep, 1-2 Oct. Leicester HE Atkins. Mark Hebden was first and joins Pavel Besedin and Tomasz Sygnowski all on 4½ in the Midlands GP. All, however are overtaken by Ian Kingston (Notts) because he has played in two of the three rounds.

4,5 Sep. Manchester Autumn. John Pitcher and Steven Jones were first, but neither equal Pavel Besedin's score.

25 Jul. Worcestershire Open. Thirty players competed in the Open Tournament. Previous GP contender Tomasz Sygnowski and new GP entrant Pavel Besedin shared first. All together 20 players, 7 who entered last year's GP and 13 new GP entries are now in with a chamce - providing they play in some of the other events.

Participating Congresses

This year, the Midlands GP includes the following standard play open events: Worcestershire Open (24-25 Jul) Manchester Autumn (2-4 Sep); HE Atkins Memorial (30 Sep-2 Oct); Leicester, Warwickshire Open (3-4 Mar); Bolton Open (6-8 Apr) and Nottingham Open (21-22 Apr).


2011-12 Leaderboard
Player Grade Club affiliation Worc Manscstr Leic Warks Bolton Nott Score
Sygnowski, Tomasz 204 West Bromwich, Staffs - - 4 - 11
Hynes, Anthony 194 Warwickshire - - - 10½
Surtees, Mike 198 Bolton, GMC - 3 - - 3
Jaunooby, Ali 191 3Cs, Oldham, GMC - 3 - - 2 4 9
Kingston, Ian 163 West Nottingham - - -
Players competing in two events only Samuel Milson (Louth, Lincs) 6½ points; Hope Mkhumba (Chorlton, GMC) 6 points
Players competing in one event only Pavel Besedin (Worcester), Mark Hebden (Birstall, Leics) 4½ points; Ameet Ghasi (Birmingham), Steve Jones (Padgate, GMC), Joseph McPhillips (Bolton, GMC), John Pitcher (S Birmingham), Richard Weaving (Solihull, Warks) 4 points.