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Page revised 7 August 2011

Honour Roll

History of the MCCU Individual Championship

In the period 1934 until the late 1970s, players competed in a knock out tournament for the Forrest Cup. Thereafter the title was decided at a Weekend tournament until recently. From 2008 to present, the MCCU has not held its own congress and the Individual Champion title has been decided by a Grand Prix of tournaments associated with the MCCU.

Any information about years 1999 to 2002 will be very much appreciated by the webmaster.


Year Champion Year Champion
1934 Arthur Reynold (Warks) 1974 LA Edwards (Leics)
1935 A Lenton (Leics) 1975 Stephen Berry (Warks)
1936 R Blow (Staffs) 1976 Bernard Cafferty (Warks)
1937 A Lenton (Leics) 1977 Andrew J Morley (Leics)
1938 CG Butcher (Worcs) 1978 Bernard Cafferty (Warks)
1939 No Competition 1979 David W Anderton (Staffs)
1940 No Competition 1980 Mark Hebden (Leics)
1941 No Competition 1981 Bernard Cafferty (Warks), Tony Miles (Warks), Mark Hebden (Leics)
1942 No Competition 1982 Geoff Lawton (Leics), Mark Hebden (Leics)
1943 No Competition 1983 Geoff Lawton (Leics)
1944 No Competition 1984 Mark Hebden (Leics)
1945 No Competition 1985 Chris W Baker (Warks) & Simon Small (Worcs)
1946 No Competition 1986 Keith Arkell (Worcs), Chris Baker (Warks) Geoff Lawton (Leics)
1947 Reg W Bonham (Worcs) 1987 Mark Hebden (Leics)
1948 Baruch H Wood (Warks) 1988 Graham Waddingham (Notts)
1949 William Ritson Morry (Warks) 1989 Andrew Ledger (Warks)
1950 Reg W Bonham (Worcs) 1990 Mark Hebden (Leics)
1951 Alan Phillips (Derbys) 1991 Mark Hebden (Leics), Graeme Buckley (Staffs)
1952 Baruch H Wood (Warks) 1992 Andrew Ledger (Beds)
1953 Baruch H Wood (Warks) 1993 Keith Arkell (Derbys), Glenn Flear (Leics), Andrew Ledger (Beds)
1954 Phillip N Wallis (Leics) 1994 Mark Hebden (Leics)
1955 Baruch H Wood (Warks) 1995 Andrew Ledger (Beds), Chris Duncan (Leics)
1956 W Tabakiernik (Leics) 1996 Keith Arkell (Derbys)
1957 Bernard Cafferty (Notts) 1997 Adam Collinson (Notts), Michael Barnes (Notts), Graeme Buckley (Staffs),
John Naylor (Warks), Phillip Briggs (Staffs)
1958 Bernard Cafferty (Notts) 1998 Mark Hebden (Leics)
1959 P J Oakley (Warks) 1999 information required
1960 P J Oakley (Warks) 2000 information required
1961 John Littlewood (Lincs) 2001 information required
1962 Phillip N Wallis (Leics) 2002 information required
1963 Bernard Cafferty (Warks) 2003 Lawrence Cooper (Staffs)
1964 Bernard Cafferty (Warks) 2004 Mark Hebden (Leics), Russell James (Birmingham)
1965 Keith B Richardson (Notts) 2005 No competition
1966 John Littlewood (Lincs) 2006 No competition
1967 Mark Horton (Notts) 2007 No competition
1968 Keith B Richardson (Notts) 2008 Ankush Khandewal ( Notts)
1969 Keith B Richardson (Notts) 2009 Mark Hebden GM (Leics)
1970 Bernard Cafferty (Warks) 2010 Don Mason (Warks)
1971 Bernard Cafferty (Warks) 2011 Mark Hebden GM (Leics)
1972 Tony Miles (Warks) 2012 Tomasz Sygnowski (Warks)
1973 Tony Miles (Warks) 2013  


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1958 & 1959 E-mail from Peter Gibbs to Ray Collett August 2011.

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Years 1957 to 1981: E-mail from Bernard Cafferty to Peter Gibbs 3 August 2011.

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Years 2005-7: E-mail from Julie Johnson to Ray Collett 7 August 2011

Years 2003-4 and 2008-12 from: MCCU records.