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PC Gibbs Tournament 2009-10

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2012-13 Tourney

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Last updated 6 June 2010

Keith McLaughlin retains title

Keith McLaughlin has come top and is again the MCCU Correspondence Chess Champion. Paul Walters is second. and Trevor Brotherton is third on 3½.

Player KM PW TB PB MT PS PA PT Score Place
Keith McLaughlin (Leics)   b1 b1 b1 w1 w1 w1 1st
Paul Walters (Staffs) w0   b1 b1 w1 w1 b1 2nd
Trevor Brotherton (Shrops) w0 w0   w0 b1 w1 b1 3rd
Phillip Beckett (Notts) w0 b1   w0 b0 b1 3 -
Mick Tate (Leics) w0 b0 w0 b1   b1 w b1 3 -
Peter Sherlock (Lincs) b0 b0 b0 w0   w1 2 -
Peter Ackley (Warks) b0 b   w 2  
Peter Tibbert (Northants) b0 w0 w0 w0 w0 b0 b   0 -