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2021-22 Midlands County
Team Championships

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2021-22 Season


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Published 25 September 2021



18 Sep. Covid reduces number of teams. Two Midlands teams have been offered nominations for the national stages of the Open competition: Greater Manchester and Lincolnshire. Three teams will compete for the Midland Counties Championship: Shropshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. Nottinghamshire have no opposition in the Under 2050 and will be nominated for the national stage. Three teams compete in the Under 1850: Derbyshire, Greater Manchester and Leicestershire. Warwickshire and Worcestershire will play for the MCCU title in the Under 1650 competition. Subject to warwickshire being able to find a team captain, there will be four teams in the Under 1450: Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Nottingham Juniors and Warwickshire. See fixture list.

17 Sep. Covid precautions during MCCU matches. A new rule has been adopted to reduce the chances of players spreading infection. Players should use masks or face coverings when sat at the board to protect other players' health.

11 Sep. MCCU Contoller consults on Covid precautions for county team matches.

30 Jul. MCCU harmonises county team matches with ECF. After consultation, the MCCU county team competitions controller has set new ratings boundaries for the MCCU 2021-2 tournaments and counties have been invited to enter teams.

1 Jun 2021. ECF county competitions. The 2021-2 season will see tournaments for Open, Minor (mean max rating 2050), and teams of players with ratings under 2050, 1850, 1650, and 1450 county teams. These boundaries are equivalent to u180, u155, u125, u100 grades.

31 Jul 2020. All change from grades to ratings. The ECF switch from grades to ratings will require revisions to rules to set up boundaries for the new tournaments.