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Published 9 July 2018

Under-180 national final: Warwickshire - Yorkshire

Played on July 2018 at Poseidon Centre, Warwick. Yorkshire players on odd-numbered boards had white pieces. Match reported by ECF website.


Board Grade Yorkshire Score Warwickshire Grade
1 180C Sullivan, Daniel JS ½ - ½ Cundy, Mark A 177A
2 179B Hodge, Steve R ½ - ½ Chowdhury, Mohammed NA 170E
3 177A Bak, Christopher ½ - ½ Hurtado, Philip 174L
4 175L Hunter, Ian  P 0 - 1 Escott, Keith L 172C
5 174E Wedge, David C 0 - 1 Ali, Golam S 174A
6 174L Bak, Andrew ½ - ½ Owen, Neil J 179L
7 171B Kendall, Paul SN ½ - ½ Green, Anthony J 169A
8 171B Birkin, Mark H 1 - 0 Smith, Simon C 161A
9 166D Hempson, Peter W ½ - ½ Singh, Amrik J 157B
10 174D Hamm, Jeremy A 1 - 0 Hickey, AJ (Tony) 159B
11 162C Vleeshhouwer, Douglas 1 - 0 Hope, Gary 158A
12 165L Slinger, AJ (Tony) ½ - ½ Wallman, Robert J 154A
13 166A Johnson, Paul A ½ - ½ Reynolds, Robert 158A
14 155C Coop, Brian H ½ - ½ Bull, Phil 157C
15 161L Mann, Steve J ½ - ½ Thomas, Keith 155B
16 151L Stewart, T Noel ½ - ½ Byrne, Nigel 145A
    Totals 7½ - 8½    


Neil Graham reports. The Under 180 was notable for the fastest and longest games of the whole event. Keith Escott won inside an hour with the first result in the 2018 national team championships. After ten successive draws there were, at last, some decisive results but most were in Yorkshire's favour. With one game to declare, the match score was 8-7 to the northerners. It was left to Phil Bull to try and salvage the point which would have given Warwickshire a win on board count. In the last game to finish in the event, spectators were treated to a marathon ending that finished with bare kings.