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Page last updated 16 October 2013

Changes to Navigation on Website and File deletions


This list principally records application of publication policy, changes to the file structure of the site, changes to site navigation and deletions of files. It does not usually include addition of news items, updating of tournament results, or deletion of entry forms for tournaments after the tournaments have been held. Please let the webmaster know of broken links and pages that do not display correctly, especially if you use a browser other than Internet Explorer 8.


16 October 2013: A games collections page established with left navigation from selected GP pages.

26 September 2013: Hard copy editions of 1987 to 1996 Newsletter scanned and placed in the "mgame" directory

26 September 2013: A new subdirectory "players" established for obituaries and biographies of Midlands' players.

17 August 2013: Pages for 2013-4 county team competitions uploaded

17 November 2013: Junior News and Junior Events pages moved to root directory to facilitate maintenance. Junior home page altered to include latest junior news.

13 November 2012: Reformatted home page so that latest news is at the top of the page.

12 November 2012: Left side navigation altered for archived news, newsletter and obituaries to facilitate site maintenance. New page for inded obituaries, death notices and biographies of dead Midlands players created. New page for archived news created and news items grouped into pages for each season.

21 Aug 2012: Left side navigation altered for all archived county match results so that "Current Season" replaces a specific season and makes maintenance easier from year to year. New directory for 2012-13 county match results and associated files created.

4 Dec 2011: News archive for Jun-Aug 2011 added to /news_archive folder and left hand navigation updated in all news archive files to link to the new page.

1 Aug 2011: New left hand side menu applied to files in /archive_news folder. The folder /obit renamed /players. New left hand side navigation applied to files in /about folder and additional page listing MCCU titled players added.

28 July 2011: The webpages for county team matches are being prepared for the 2011-12 season.

24 July 2011: The webpages for correspondence chess have been prepared for the 2011-12 season and left menu navigation in these pages updated.

5 July 2011: Older "Admin" pages reformatted using the same navigation and banner as the rest of the site.

3 July 2011: Broken links in /news_archive and /cm08-09 fixed.

30 June 2011: Legacy pages on root - toc.htm, calendar.htm, news.htm, newsletter.htm - deleted. There are many broken links in the /news_archive, and /cm08-09, directories resulting from major alterations to the site structure. It is intended to fix these during July.

20 May 2011: The legacy /CountyMatch directory and its files were deleted. Also deleted were unused banner and navigation images and ancillary files. This has reduced the number of files on the site to about one third of the previous number.

21 March 2011: New junior events page added.

26, 27 February 2011: Match details for 2005-6, including results at national stages have been re-presented from The Middlegame Results Supplement using the new format.

10 January 2011: New folders for 2005-6 (root/cm05-06) and 2009-10 (root/cm09-10) old results. Match details for 2009-10 have been presented using a consistent format. The detailed results for 2010-11 matches have been re-presented using html pages rather than pdf ones. I've also updated "Site contents" page and hope that links for archived results go to the right places.

24 November: New folder for 2010-11 county team results set up (root/cm10-11) and 2010-11 results to date migrated to new folder. Top navigation for 'County Matches should now go to pages in the cmatch folder.

6 November 2010: A new home page and template for site pages was deployed for pages on the root directory of the site. The 'Home' menu button on older pages will link to the old home page until I have time to alter each of the older pages. Other pages will be reformatted using the new template as time permits. The principal changes are in the top navigation bar. New buttons "about" and "Juniors" have been added. Buttons previously located on the left navigation menu "Corres Chess" (previously "Correspondence"), "County Matches", "Grand Prix" have been moved to the top menu bar. The button previously called "News", the original link to this page's contents, has been renamed "Guide" and now links to a new page explaining the structure of this site. The "News" button on new pages currently links to the home page (index.htm) because that page has current news items.

24 August 2010: Forum navigation on left side of index, news, correspondence, contents, links, officers, newsletter, and news_archive files re-routed to ECForum and ECForum logo removed. Correspondence navigation on left side of index, news, links, officers, newsletter and news re-routed to /corres/corres.htm file. Grand Prix navigation on left side of index, news, correspondence, contents, links, officers, newsletter re-routed to /gp/gp.htm file. Deletion of files relating to membership organisation issue discussed 2006

12 June 2010 New gp folder created for Grand Prix. New corres folder created for Correspondence

20 Sep 2009 New County Match News Page uploaded here. Information for County Team Captains posted. Please let the webmaster know where corrections are required. Calendar - 2010 events added, but organisers please provide links required to give details.

7 Sep 2009 Links page modified. Because most League and County sites have links to member clubs, the webmaster is following a new policy to link to Counties and Leagues only from the MCCU website.

25 Aug 2009 New webmaster Ray Collett has access to site. The webmaster will give priority to updating this site over publication of a new issue of the Middlegame. Please be patient with the new webmaster who is faced with code generated by software he is not familiar with.

28 Jun 09 - Sean Hewitt steps down from role as MCCU webmaster. Ray Collett (Worcs) is appointed new webmaster at the MCCU AGM.

9/5/07 - Middle Game 27 and its results supplement have been added to the website.

31/1/07 - Middle Game 26 and its results supplement have been added to the website.

21/6/06 - New website introduced!