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2012-13 Tourney

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Page published 13 September 2023

PC Gibbs Trophy Midland Counties Chess Union Individual correspondence championship 2005

The editor has copied a list of entrants from Mike Donnelly's web pages, but has not seen results of the 2005 competition which was organised by Peter Gibbs.


Index Player a b c d e g h i j k l Score Place
a K McLaughlin (Leics)                         -
b J Wagenbach (Derbys                         -
c A Walton (GMC)                         -
d Jim Millar (Leics)                         -
e Peter Sherlock (Lincs)                         -
g P Tibbert (Northants)                         -
h P Beckett (Notts)                          
i N Rutter (Shrops)                          
j G Rosser (Staffs)                          
k P Ackley (Warks)                          
l Andrew Moore (Worcs)                         -