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Last updated 21 March 2018

Registered ungraded Players 2017-8

Advice to captains about ungraded players is below the list of ungraded players approved for play in the MCCU grade-limited county team competitions.

Please note that some estimated grades have been altered in line with the January 2018 ECF list and these grades apply from 3 February 2018


MCCU registered ungraded players' list 2017-8
Player County Grade ID Est Grade*
Abdullahi Alex Derbys 314065K 110
Abou-Shaady Hossam Worcs TBA 132
Adamski Tomasz Derbys 312545C 101
Biermann Florian Notts FIDE 2812630 178
Bombardini Joe Worcs 314215C 105
Evans Harry Worcs   110*
Grant David Worcs 313667L 172
Huang Kiat Lincs 313684L 110 *
Jacquemard Quentin Leics 313654B 99 *
Khemoudj Omar Warks 312705K 108
Koncki Zbigniew Worcs 275541F 188
Larkin Ben Warks 314103C 48*
Lopez Carlos GMC FIDE 32031564 152 *
Lyons Ellie Notts 300028L 57 *
Murugesh Jagadeesan Lincs 303464B 85 *
Murugesh Kishore Lincs 295210F 118
Naybour Matthew Notts 305325J 70 *
Poole Tim Notts 141053C 161 *
Roberts David Worcs   90*
Robinson Edward Notts 314214A 95
Schuler Marc-Philip Warks 305350H 60 *
Serik Rakym Leics 313144A 143
Shearsby Jude Warks 306635G 98
Stokes Tom Lincs 295382B 76
Tortosa Paul-Arthur GMC 293450E 149
* This estimate is valid for the 2017-8 MCCU team tournaments only
† January ECF list



This advice is also available as downloadable pdf file.

The MCCU rules on ungraded players require the captain to be clear that an ungraded player is of a strength that does not exceed the upper limit for the section concerned. In addition such players must be cleared with the controller before they play, except in exceptional circumstances. In effect this means both that the captain must be satisfied of the playing strength of the player and that they are able to satisfy the controller that this view is sound.

It is incumbent on a captain to provide all relevant information to the controller. Simply asking for Joe Bloggs to be cleared will not suffice. The following are some of the questions that a captain should be able to answer

  • Is the player new to chess?
  • If so, when did he/she start playing?
  • If not, how long ago did they last play competitively over the board, and do they know what their grading was?
  • If they don't recall, which club did they play for at the time?
  • If a junior is involved, how old are they?
  • What games have been played by the player? Standard play games take precedence, but if there are none or very few of these, rapid play details should be provided. Details of any games that are not available on the ECF database should be given i.e. opponents grade & result. Local graders &/or results secretaries may be able to help with this information if the player doesn't keep their own details. See further notes below regarding the ECF grading database and results.
  • If they were graded elsewhere, where was this, when, and what was their grade?
  • Where does the player play within his/her club, school or county junior team?
  • The grading of the players they commonly play above or below in team matches, or in competitive events such as internal club tournaments where they stand, will help support a view of their playing strength.

Using the ECF grading database

The information now available includes actual results, even for those players who do not have a published grade because they have played too few games. Captains should check the database, or get someone with internet access to do this for them if they don't have access themselves. The ECF grading database can be accessed from the main website englishchess.org.uk Click on the heading ECF database, when the page has opened scroll down and enter name in the name box, also click on the box next to it to include ungraded players. A list of all matching entries will be displayed. Please bear in mind that a player may not appear under the exact name or spelling you know them by e.g. Jack Holmes may have the proper name John Holmes, or Tony Clark may be Charles A Clarke. Click on the grading reference for any entries that could relate to the person concerned, you can then either click on the standard games tab, or scroll down the page, any grading list that has some games for the player will show "view". If you click on "view" details of the games will be displayed. Please give the controller the grading reference from the database when asking for clearance.

In the absence of a published grade the indications of any factual information available have to take precedence. That a player may be considered to have had a fluke result that may have distorted matters cannot be taken into account; this can happen to any player, and lead to someone with a published grading being say a point over the limit for a section.

There will be cases, particularly in the lower sections, where in desperation a captain will look to play someone who has little chess history. In such cases tell the controller what little is available.

It is for the captain to provide the controller with information, not for the controller to go hunting for it.