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2016 MCCU Congress @Walsall
13 and 14 August 2016

Ryecroft Community Hub
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Winners, results and pictures

2016 MCCU Congress

GM Mark Hebden clear first at Walsall

This year's event was much better supported than the first edition. Just under a hundred players entered and two titled players competed in the Open. As last year, CEO Ray Dolan and Eunice Dolan took care of both the organisation and catering: Chess Essentials provided the bookstall. Matthew Carr was chief Arbiter with John Mildenhall in support.
Ray Dolan, congress organiser on the left, congratulates Mark Hebden (right) on his win. Ray Dolan congratulates Mark Hebden
John Mildenhall controlling-Kath Phillips, Mayor of Walsall with John Pakenham and GM Hebden at the start of the congressMathhew Carr, Chief Arbiter
Left: John Mildenhall, assistant controller. Centre: Open winner GM Mark Hebden with Mayor of Walsall, Kath Phillips, and MCCU Chair John Pakenham at the start of the congress. Right: Chief Arbiter Matthew Carr


First - GM Mark Hebden (Leicester) 5 points.
Second to fourth - John Carleton (Chester), FM Michael Barnes (Nottingham Gambit) and Richard Bryant (Chester) 3½ points.
Other players - Sanghera Parminder (Wolverhampton), Jonah Willow (W Nottingham), Nathanael Paul (Newport, Shrops) on 3 points; Mike Surtees (Bolton, GMC), Agostan Mihalik (S Birmingham), Joseph Friar (Kidderminster), Chirag Guha 2½ points; Michael Townsend (Wolverhampton) Shabir Okhai and Patrick Reid 2 points; Nicholas Walker (West Bromwich), Phil Bull (Wolverhampton) 1½ points; Barry Hymer (Lancaster), Moin Uddin (West Bromwich) ½ point.

Youth versus experience in the OpenTime scramble in the Open
The final round of the Open. Left: Youth versus experience on board one. Right: A tight finish


Major (under-160)

First to second - Robert Clegg (Huddersfield) and Richard Desmedt (Wombwell) 4 points.Dean
Third to fourth - Dean Hartley (Amber Valley, Derbys) and Adam Bennett (W Nottingham).
Other players - Dragoljub Sudar (Gambit, Notts), Michael Connor (Great Lever, GMC) and Frank Wood (Wolverhampton) 3 points; Shabab Quraishi (Sutton Coldfield), Brian Foreman (Syston, Leics), Stephen Wilcox (Rushall, Staffs), and Richard Szwajkin (Shifnal & Telford, Shrops) 2½ points; Gary Jackson (Banbury), Ray Collett (Worcester), Glyn Ward (Loughborough, Leics) 2 points; David Patrick (Courier), John Staniforth (Bushbury, Staffs), Hambel Willow (W Nottingham) 1½ points; Marco Ho (Olton) 0 withdrew.

Players in the Major.-Top boards in the Minor
Right: Players in the Major. Left: Top boards in the Minor

Intermediate (under 140)

First - Athar Ansari (Newport, Shrops) 5 points
Second - Qais Karimi (Lincoln) 4 points
Third to fifth - Alex Pready (Birmingham), Michael Carroll (Great Lever), and Paul Doherty (no club) 3½ points.
Other players - Robert Marks (Sutton Coldfield), Richard Livermore (Wales), Edison Xu (Newport, Shrops), and Chris Pitt (Shirley) 3 points; Jon Asbury (Shirley), Chris Fraser (West Bridgford, Notts), Michael Hoar (Lichfield, Staffs), and Sam Bradley (Stourbridge, Worcs) 2½ points; Stephen Chadaway (Olton, Birmingham) Catherine Hiley (Rugeley, Staffs), Andrew Leadbetter (Stafford), Martyn Robinson (Burton) and Philip Sheldon (Spondon, Derbys) 2 points; Mark Riley (Kidderminster), Susie Wang (W Nottingham), John Grasham (Louth, Lincs), and Stephen Crockett (Redditch, Worcs) 1½ points; Geoffrey Rosser (Wolverhampton, Staffs) 1 point; Douglas Barnett (Alsager) and Arnold Kirkland (Droitwich, Worcs) ½; Tim Crooks (no club) and Paul Taylor (Halesowen) withdrew after one round.

Minor (under 120)

First - David Smith (Redditch, Worcs) 4½ points.
Second to fifth - Paul Davies (Stratford, Warks), Michele Clack (Redditch, Worcs), and Devan Patel (Staffs Juniors), and Gathsara Seekkuge (Stourbridge, Worcs) 4 points.
Other players: Gayara Seekkuge (Sussex Juniors) 3½ points; Peter Banks (Halesowen, Worcs), Roger Brown (Shifnall & Telford, Shrops), Chris Cox (Mercia. W Mids), John Pakenham (Warley Quinborne, W Mids), Steve Swaijkun (Shifnal & Telford, Shrops), Vidura Mendis (W Nottingham), Bahia Dhiren (Bloxwich Juniors, Staffs); and Gayathma Seekkuge (Sussex Juniors) 3 points; Colin Vernon (Worcester), Andrew Field (Halesowen), Victor Brown (Walsall Kipping, Staffs), Sarvesh Rajdev (Bloxwich Juniors, Staffs), Andrew P Davies (Brewood, Staffs), 2½ points; Rayyan Farooq (Solihull), Andy Carter (Red Admiral), Aaryan Singh (Bloxwich Juniors, Staffs), Tim Crooks (Bloxwich Juniors, Staffs), Marcus Perry (Wolverhampton, Staffs), and Colin Tsang (Bloxwich Juniors, Staffs) 2 points; Daniel Malkin (Bloxwich Juniors, Staffs), John Moughton-Leay (Bloxwich Juniors, Staffs), and Terry Knight (Burton, Leics) 1½ points; Andrew Fenn (Staffs Juniors) and Leslie Fancourt (Meir) 1 point; Miriam Gorton (Bloxwich Juniors, Staffs) and Amrisa Johal (Bloxwich Juniors, Staffs) ½ point.

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